Lights, Camera, Action…and Dialysis!

As the Cannes Film Festival approaches, many actors, producers, technicians and other cinema professionals 🎥🎬 are preparing to attend this world-class event on the French Riviera. However, those suffering from end-stage kidney disease 🤒 often struggle to organize their dialysis sessions around the festival schedule, or find the extremely limited dialysis spots available in the area. At Adialys, we are committed to ensuring no professional with ESKD misses out on this great event due to dialysis challenges. Our team is focused on:

  • Coordinating with dialysis centers across the Cannes festival area
  • Arranging home dialysis care in hotel rooms at convenient times 🏨💻

So if you’re a cinema professional heading to Cannes who requires dialysis, it’s time to take action now. Trust Adialys to organize your dialysis sessions in the French Riviera, so you can relax and fully enjoy the festival. 🥂🎉Don’t let dialysis hold you back from the glitz, glamour and excitement of Cannes. Contact Adialys today to get the support you

Dialysis Festival de Cannes
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